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About kennel

It is now more than 20 years that French Bulldogs live in our house. But Iz Palevyh Buldogov kennel has just celebrated 10 years in 2010. The breeding work started with male Twin Lakes Gregor and his daughter. Gregor was brought from the US and was the first fawn French bulldog in Moscow. Excellent bright color of the male allowed getting puppies of bright and deep colors.

Twin Lakes GregorThe male has passed through the most censorious and strict expertise in Russia, Estonia, Luxembourg, first time in the history of the breed he was regularly qualified as Best in Breed prize winner. Very quickly he got the Champion of Russia title and at two and half years of age he won the Interchampion title and became the first Russian French Bulldog to win this title. He won 12 CACIB, 15 BOB from the highly qualified experts from different countries and at the most prestigious dog shows.
His daughter Peti Llevr Alenky Tsvetochek of fawn colour won the Young Champion of Luxembourg title when she was 1 year old, and then in 5 months she won the Champion of Russia. This is the bitch of ideal proportions said Vivien Watkins (UK) who is judging the French bulldogs for more than 50 years in different countries. This female was the first Interchampion bitch in Russia and has won 8 CACIB titles.

For the purpose of further breeding work another fawn bulldog was brought to the kennel in 2001. This was Glenlee Night Hawk (UK) Gordik who was brought from one of the best European kennels. His both parents were Champions of the UK.

At the age of 9 months he won Baltic Winner title, and at the age of 10 months he won the Young Champion of Finland title. He won the special national dog show twice in 2002 and 2003. And in 2003 he became Champion of Europe in Bratislava and then won the Interchampion title. He has 15 CACIB titles.

Glenlee Night Hawk
A lot of wonderful children were bred from him, one of his daughters Iriska Iz Palevyh Buldogov also became Champion of Europe in 2005 in Austria. His son Ocean Fantasy iz Palevyh Buldogov became CRAFTS Champion in 2009 in Birmingham.

Butsefal Terri for Palevyh Bulldogov who was born from Gordiks son and his granddaughter won Champion of Europe title in 2011 in Amsterdam. Throughout several years of breeding Gordik the kennel retained several of his daughters and sons. Including several bitches born from inbreeding with him.

In 2004 3 bitches were brought from famous kennel De La Parure. Several bitches and the male Zhe Gran Le Rua iz Palevyh Buldogov (Granya) born from them were also retained in the kennel. He won the Champion of Russia title very quickly and he has 3 CACIB titles received at 2 years of age. He is a very valuable producer whose puppies inherit his best qualities.

The daughter Desire and Dali De la Parure From Russia With Love iz Palevyh Buldogov won the Young Champion of Europe title in 2007. She lives in De La Parure Kennel.

We love all of our dogs and are proud of them. The live in wonderful conditions and do not know what is a crate. There are a lot of bitches in the kennel who are the Champions of several countries. There are a lot of growing males and bitches, the best of them born from Gordik and Granya. Our puppies are bought for many famous kennels of Europe and America. We watch them and share their success at the International dog shows.

As of today: more than 18 Interchampions, 3 Champions of Europe, 1 young Champion of Europe, Crafts Winner, Junior Champion of World-2013 belong to us or were born in our Kennel!

Our Kennel is located in Moscow.
Owner Kozhevnikova Elena
Tel.+7 (495) 951 6351
e-mail frbulldog@mail.ru

Main 7 males and bitches of French Bulldog Kennel 'Iz Palevyh Buldogov' Owner of the kennel: Elena Kozhevnikova
Vice-President of the National French Bulldog Club of Russia
Member of French Bulldog lubs of the USA and Gread Britain
Russian Cynologic Federation expert

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