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After each European and World dog show we are trying to write a few words on our impression. In every issue of a French Bulldog catalogue for the last four years we are writing about all the dogshows that we participated in or simply watched. Now in this site:

"The Frenchie Fancy", issue 6 - Jul 2014

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2013 - "Just Frenchies", Volume 11, Number 2

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3-5.06.2005 - The European Dog-show 2005 in Tuln.
European championship 2005 was held on 3-5 June in Tuln, Austria. The hall was wonderful. The organization was rather good. But I do not remember such a non-expensive" show. At our national dog show we give at least small gifts to every participant and prizes to all the winners. Although in Tuln they only had simple no-colour diplomas to the participants and a cup for CACIB winners only. More

28.08.2004 - The European Dog-show 2004 in Barcelona.
Barcelona is a city of Anthony Gaudi, the famous architect of 19-20th century. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, that carries the cultural legacy of the past. More

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